Thursday, January 27, 2005

The GOP's savior?

Christie Todd Whitman was a good governor of New Jersey, and has not been afraid to buck the GOP line. She left the EPA over what she felt was bad information about the WTC air tests. Now she's got her own website to help support the moderates in the GOP. I think that this is what the party needs and it's what the nation needs.
I am strongly against both parties continuing their current trend of radicalization, because it's the sort of thing that beats good candidates. Look at the new Senate. Do Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn act like the sort of people we want providing "advice and consent" to nominees? They ran rather strange and bigoted campaigns, yet they won against moderate Democrats, Brad Carson especially being a good, moderate candidate.
Jim Bunning pulled out Kentucky despite the fact he seems to be suffering early stages of Alzeheimer's (look at some of the things he said campaigning). Yes, I know, I've only mentioned Republicans beating Democrats, but that's because I don't know of a case in which a moderate Republican had the chance to run the past two cycles. The conservatives are scaring moderates out of running in primaries. Look at how tight Arlen Specter's primary was compared to his general election. Then think about the pressure he's taking from his right.
Fiscally conservative, socially moderate, open to compromise, not beholden to religious groups. That's my way, that's Christie Todd Whitman's way, and hopefully that is the future way of the GOP.


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