Monday, April 11, 2005


George Allen is an ass for not questioning, but instead lionizing, John Bolton, and accusing the Democrats of not focusing on the issues as well. Chafee, well, he sidestepped serious questions, from what I saw, and therefore is asking to be targeted in 2006, and I hope he is if what I saw was indicative of all his questioning. John Kerry, continuing to show a newfound toughness, is obviously building a portfolio for another presidential run, but the tough, detailed questioning is welcome nonetheless.

On a side note, I thought the protestors were great. How funny to see another stage-managed Republican event get busted into by regular people. Also notice how slow Capitol Police were to escort these people out. Wonder how soon it is before the GOP leadership then tries to close the public hearings or galleries to prevent more embarassments? That would be great, because America would see the power-mad nature of these jerks.

Late update: Steve Clemons' Washington Note has a great review of today's hearing. Please go read it if you want more.


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