Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Once again

Editor's note: this is reprinted from my post at dKos.

the wingnut's favorite statement: "Yeah, you liberals love terrorists. They're your allies in your war on America. Liberals HATE America. How come you never mention terrorist victims."
To that, I respond: Please cut the fucking shit. I give a damn about the terrorists running amok, so much so that I voted for someone who actually had some ideas on how to stop it (hint, not GWB). Secondly, what good is our lives if we are shackled, sheltered, falsely arrested and/or imprisoned, our civil rights stomped on (go talk to Bob Barr, wingnut), our privacy gone, the government shredding any sort of safety net for its citizens, our economy going to hell because of reckless behavior by those in charge, and 1,500 soldiers dead, not because we went to war (and I have supported the war since day 1 [yell at me if you want, kossacks, but I have my own beliefs unrelated to WMD on this one]) but because the leadership was so incredibly arrogant and incompetent as to believe that everyone would LOVE us there, just like everyone LOVED us in Gulf War I (that's what pissed off Osama. Not justifying, just explaining).
In short, if all those things are going on at home, then our lives are no better off in many ways then that of a terrorist victim. Al Franken said it best, "Liberals love America in an adult way, while right-wingers love America like a kid loves mommy: mommy can do no wrong, ever."
Part of being a true patriot means facing and admitting when you're wrong, and standing up to power when it is wrong, and fighting for everyone, not just a privileged few. Basically, most wingnuts don't have a clue what patriotism is all about. They practice nationalism. It's a little different.
To echo another diary tonight, I bleed red, white and blue, and nobody is going to tell me that I hate America, or that I should leave, or that I'm not a patriot. I believe in these United States, and these United States work best when there is liberty and justice for all.


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