Monday, April 11, 2005

Trouble in the backyard

This is going to be kind of away from my normal political talk, but I kind of feel a need to just state my opinion here.

My alma mater high school, North Farmington, is part of an unprecedented lawsuit by an African-American mother on behalf of her children, claiming that they have been harassed and discriminated against since their kindergarten year.

I've paid to download the lawsuit filing (and it's not cheap, either) because I wanted to know. I'm still plowing through it right now, but I think there's a point where disbelief rightfully takes over, and I find it quite improbable that a systemic discrimination exists in a school system as large as Farmington Public Schools.

Moreover, I know Rick Jones. He helped with my father's funeral. He guided me and many others through high school, people of all races and creeds, never showing an ounce of racism or prejudice. And, maybe this sounds crazy, and perhaps naive, and maybe even ignorant (and if I'm off-base on this, tell me), but I find it hard to say that black people can discriminate and be racist to other blacks. It's like the black security guard in Dearborn who was accused of racism in targeting a shoplifting family, with the father dying in an altercation with the guard. The store and the guard was sued for being racist, and Sharpton came to town and protested. It just seems ridiculous. And this case, involving multiple black administrators, just seems like a bit too much.

I could be wrong. I don't know. That's for a court to decide. But right now, at face value, I think maybe it's the filers who have a perception problem, and I don't like seeing people I know to be good people get wrongfully accused. Hopefully this can be resolved in a fair manner.


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