Sunday, April 10, 2005

What is wrong with people?

This is going to be vulgar, but this is a rant, not deliberate opinion. If this offends you, I apologize in advance.

What the fuck is wrong with all of these ignorant, criminal, uncaring, disgusting, cocksuckers who think it's so fucking great to shoot people in the head or elsewhere? Why would you kill innocent children on a regular basis? What kind of community is Detroit coming to? I love the city, I love driving through it, looking at the history. I love going to its restaurants and venues and enjoying myself. I want the city to make a comeback. But the city is killing itself. Many officials are on the take, gangbangers are killing each other, but worse, now they are killing innocent children on a staggering basis. How can the city make a comeback if these dumb motherfuckers keep murdering its future? Not that any of these guys will read my blog, but I beg, I plead, STOP WIPING OUT THE ONLY THING THAT'S GOING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE GET BETTER.


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