Friday, April 22, 2005

I agree with George Will...kinda

George Will had an interesting column today (yesterday?) about our increased reliance on assistance for our fragile feelings. While I feel that we are far too sensitive about things (no dodgeball anymore? Juggling with scarves because it's easier?), I disagree with Will's [expected] allegation that this is the product of a liberal culture and liberals who want to make money. I do believe our President went on both Oprah and Dr. Phil, two people who have made millions off of the self-help culture. In fact, I am pretty sure that both the President and Dr. Phil are conservatives, which is the opposite of liberals, and that kinda kills Will's thesis right there.
Yeah, we need to stop being so sensitive about everything (a lawsuit I wrote about at my old high school seems like it's a good example), and start growing up again. I'm tired of watching teens now mainly bitch about everything being so horrible when they're getting everything handed to them and I was working from the moment I turned 16. In conclusion, Will is A: right about self-help, and B: wrong about it being another liberal culture idea.


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