Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Supremes

No, not Diana Ross, but Sandra Day O' Connor.

It's odd that one can be upset and understanding at the same time about her decision, but I am. More understanding than upset, mind you, but both emotions are there.

O'Connor has been a driving force on the Supreme Court, yet until the past couple of years has been rather understated and unnoticed. She has quite often been the swing vote on many an important case, and as a moderate, represents one of the last of a dying breed of judges. Her retirement is upsetting because it has the potential to polarize the Court, but yet I fully understand, because she left to take care of her ailing husband, and that marital vow is the most important one she's ever taken in her life, and I find it courageous that she has done so.

President Bush is saying the right things so far, but the Senate is showing cracks in the compromise of May. I do commend the President for his wish that activist groups tone it down and that the Senate vote its conscience. It's the right sentiment for this issue. I hope he follows this statement with the nomination of a judge that is as wise and moderate as the departing Sandra Day O'Connor. The Court and the nation will be better served by it.


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