Monday, August 01, 2005

That sumamabitch

Tried to spell out Bernie Mac's catchphrase, but oh well.

Those title words are in reference to John Bolton having snuck past the Senate's confirmation process thanks to our Dear President's use of the recess appointment. El presidente called the filibuster a "partisan process", but I seem to remember some Republicans having issues with Bolton too.

Once again, this President has shown a complete unwillingness to do whatever the hell he wants, and refuse to work within the long-established process in our government for confirming appointed officials. The process is there so a president cannot gain too much power. This president, of course, loves his secrecy and his power, and refused to give up documents pertaining to Bolton's work. The senators were denied a chance to consent to this nomination or reject this nomination. Quite frankly, given the fact that the committee didn't even send a recommendation to the floor, he should've been rejected, and in a sense, he was.

Not like that stopped the president, though. Congress now needs to step up and start challenging the president more. They have the budget power, and they need to wield it like a hammer to bring Bush back into line with the idea of checks and balances.


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