Thursday, July 29, 2004

The next big thing (and I don't mean Brock Lesnar)

Wow. There have been some good speeches during the Democratic convention, but the simple power, passion and hope in the address of likely U.S. Senator from Illinois Barack Obama blows me away. I have watched it three times, and each time I just am speechless. He represents the very best of us. When he talks about the people he's met on the campaign trail, or speaks of how we need to end the divide of red states and blue states, his absolute enthusiasm and desire to make it better shines through.
In probably 8 to 12 years, this guy could and should run for President. He has presence. He has compassion. He has energy. He has desire. He has the blood of America running through his veins, a mixed-race guy who has been breaking barriers. If there is going to be a black President, it'll be him. I cannot wait to see what he does in the Senate, because I think he'll tear the house down. He's totally different from most politicians, because he isn't so much political as he is pragmatic. Obama and John Edwards are the future of the Democrats, and maybe they can heal the divide in America that so greatly wounds me to see.