Friday, April 14, 2006


West Point grads go on the attack against the Commander-in-Chief.

The inability to trust really has gotten that bad in America, where even the troops are feeling the need to go public against the President and Iraq. People who joined to fight the Taliban, and instead are getting sent to the boondoggle in Iraq.


Update: Apparently the sportsmen have turned on the Dynamic Dicks too.

But, of course it's not THEIR fault

Republicans, egg on their face after the immigration plan crashed and burned before the Senate recess, do what they do best: blame Democrats.

Not only has the President tried to single out Harry Reid for killing the plan, but the RNCC is taping commercials for the Hispanic population in the Southwest saying that Democrats are the ones pushing for the super-restrictive laws, which include making a felony of helping an illegal immigrant in need.

What? They aren't proud of their bill? They passed the law in the House, and then don't want credit for it? Could it be that the nation strongly disagrees with the felony provisions? Or is it that they lie so much that they can't stop lying?

This Republican Congress is a disgrace. Not all of the Republicans in it, because there are some wonderful Republicans that are part of that caucus, but the leadership is horrendously corrupt and deceitful, and they elevate racists like Tom Tancredo to prominence. What more needs to be said?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A sad tale

One of my favorite hockey players ever, a cool regular guy who myself and my friends have played video games with and watched perform on stage, Darren McCarty, filed for bankruptcy yesterday.

I don't know what got Darren in such financial straits, but the gambling certainly didn't help. He has debts of about $250,000 to three casinos, and if he was already having financial issues, he should've handled those first. I hate to raise the possibility, because of how much I like him, but I think he may have replaced one addiction with another in this case.

Furthermore, he lost his whole contract buyout to his divorce, an Escalade sank in water, and a motor home caught fire and was destroyed. That's a lot of stuff to be losing. So, combine the bad luck with some bad business deals and you get bankruptcy. I sincerely hope that DMac gets this worked out, because he's a good guy and deserves a lot better.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What a tragedy

Proof, the rapper from D12 whose role in Eminem's life was played by Mekhi Phifer in 8 Mile, was shot dead this morning at a club in Detroit.

The man had a lot of talent, and from the people I knew that knew him, he was a genuinely good guy who treated people well. Obviously, it'll be a while before details are known, but here's today's question to ponder: What is it about our society that causes us to destroy our best and brightest in such senseless acts of violence?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

From the world of sports

If you thought the NHL salary cap changes would hurt the Detroit Red Wings, well, you were wrong.

I've had to follow from afar, not being able to watch the games, but my God, they are playing some ridiculously good hockey, and I'm sad I haven't gotten to see some of this. Looking at everything, they've got to be favorites to win the Stanley Cup. Eight 20-goal scorers, the top defenseman in goal scoring, the top defenseman in points, unbelievable.

Go Wings!