Thursday, July 07, 2005


Finally, an update. I said some things in my terror post, but I continue to be busy, and I am possibly going to be working in a primary race for the open 57th District assembly seat here in California. If that pans out, I will likely be leaving Staples and thank God for it. It means I'll be busier than sin, but it will be incredibly rewarding. I'll be going from the periphery to the front lines of a campaign, and that excites me so much. I never thought I'd be working on politics before writing, but at this point, I don't care. That's about it, but I thought y'all would be interested. More to come later.

The Supremes

No, not Diana Ross, but Sandra Day O' Connor.

It's odd that one can be upset and understanding at the same time about her decision, but I am. More understanding than upset, mind you, but both emotions are there.

O'Connor has been a driving force on the Supreme Court, yet until the past couple of years has been rather understated and unnoticed. She has quite often been the swing vote on many an important case, and as a moderate, represents one of the last of a dying breed of judges. Her retirement is upsetting because it has the potential to polarize the Court, but yet I fully understand, because she left to take care of her ailing husband, and that marital vow is the most important one she's ever taken in her life, and I find it courageous that she has done so.

President Bush is saying the right things so far, but the Senate is showing cracks in the compromise of May. I do commend the President for his wish that activist groups tone it down and that the Senate vote its conscience. It's the right sentiment for this issue. I hope he follows this statement with the nomination of a judge that is as wise and moderate as the departing Sandra Day O'Connor. The Court and the nation will be better served by it.

Terror returns

I've been cussing. Oh, have I been cussing this morning. I didn't turn on the news right away when I woke up this morning, and it wasn't until about an hour ago that I heard about London, and I've been glued to the TV ever since. Thank God NBC is being responsible about covering this, because without cable or DSL right now, I'm so stuck ten years ago....sigh. The DSL should be taken care of soon, and hopefully I can do this more often, because I don't have much time otherwise.

Anyways, the fear level is racheted up some out here, it seems, and I have a feeling people are going to ditch the Metrolink trains out here for a while, let alone the buses. Gridlock will get worse, and then in a few weeks, people will remember how much they hate driving here and go back to mass transit. Mayor Villaraigosa rode a Metrolink train to stop a loss of confidence, but who knows how much faith people will put in it. This is bad, and I don't know whether this attack was opportunity because the G8 diverted security elsewhere, whether it was because of the Olympic announcement (i.e. the winner being the target), or just revenge on Blair for his support of America. I hate to say this, but I think the evidence is obvious that we are not far off from an attack here, and we need to prepare for that. And I know this one is unpopular for sure, but I think it may be time to plan an exit strategy and timetable to leave Iraq. We are going to soon need those troops elsewhere, and they need to be ready for that as well.