Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oh, for Christ's sake, get over it!

I am sick and tired of the talk about Kenny Rogers allegedly cheating against the Cardinals (and the A's and the Yankees). If he was a cheater, how come they couldn't hit him for seven innings after he washed his hands?

It's like a corked bat. You hit worse afterwards. Except Rogers pitched the same with a clean hand as he did a dirty one. If he was cheating, the Cardinals would've been hitting him.

I think it's crap. I think this whole, drawn-out thing is crap. And as for the ESPN web crew pointing out every little inconsistency about what Rogers and everyone has said, well, under this sort of overbearing, relentless questioning in the face of no evidence, wouldn't you make little slips?

I think Kenny had dirt on his hand. I think since the umpires have absolved him of any wrongdoing, this needs to be dropped. It's out of hand and for no reason. The Yankees didn't complain. The A's didn't complain. Rogers has pitched great all season. He's on a roll now. He pitched seven innings after washing his hands and still kicked St. Louis' ass. They need to get over themselves at ESPN.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Of course he thinks they'll win

It's just one more thing the president is delusional about.