Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl smiles

Detroit may have a chance after all.

The Super Bowl came off fabulous. No glitches, no fighting, no disruptions, a beautiful skyline on television cameras, great comments on television from out-of-towners visiting the city, great press on the whole experience. Everything that anyone from Detroit (myself included, having been born and raised there) wanted to see happen.

You never would've thought it, but the city pulled it off. From what I read and saw (and boy, did I miss being there), the Campus Martius park and the opening of four new nightspots out of abandoned buildings was a stroke of genius. And to top it off, the game was tight, exciting, and had the happy ending, with the hometown boy retiring publicly, on top, with a championship trophy in his hands.

From the advertising side of things, the ads weren't all great, but there were some absolute fantastic ones. The FedEx commercial is one of the funniest I've seen in years, the Sprint commercial in the country club had Kristi rolling, as did the beer one with the girl getting tackled and then coming back to take the guy off his barstool.

The sad part is that I was supposed to work today, but Kristi's aunt died, the second one in two weeks to do so, and so I called off to watch my son, and we watched the game because he loves his football. And after a while, I was able to get into it, and it helped get some of the sadness away from Kristi when she got back home. All in all, the day worked out, especially for Detroit and Jerome Bettis. Amen to that.