Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Let's do some comparing, shall we?

1998: President Clinton admits lying in civil deposition about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Later, we attack Osama bin Laden's training camps in retaliation for embassy bombings. Critics cry "Wag the Dog"-a reference to starting a war to deflect attention from sex scandal. In December, as we attack Iraq for violating weapons inspection rules, cry gets louder. Impeachment proceedings on the floor of the House begin as attacks continue on.
1999: Senators from both parties put forth a censure measure, but it fails despite some bipartisan support. Senators also vote on conviction for impeachment as we head to war in Kosovo.
2001-06: Any criticism of President loudly decried by Republicans and cowed media as "treasonous," "unpatriotic," and "aiding the enemy." Censure resolution leads Wayne Allard (R-WY) to call Russ Feingold (D-WI) a traitor who is aiding the enemy with this resolution.

Apparently, it's only treasonous, unpatriotic, and helpful to the enemy when a Republican president (whose approval ratings, I might add, are HALF of what Clinton's were during the Lewinsky incident) is in office. Accountability? That's only for Democratic presidents. Rule of law? That's only for Democratic presidents.

The man is at 34 FREAKING PERCENT. He's not trustworthy, he's doing a horrible job handling Iraq, he's delusional about progress when the death toll keeps rising. You can't tell us things are getting better when more and more people DIE. 87 in 24 hours, mainly execution style. The Iraq government admits death squads are infiltrating the groups WE ARE TRAINING.

Let's be clear: President Bush deserves far more than a censure for this incompetence. It is this rigid dogma that he and Republicans are professing that is losing the war. The inflexibility to admit a screwup and move to fix it is astonishing, and it is the soldiers, the people he supposedly cares so much about, who are paying the price in blood. I talked to a Marine recently who said that this wasn't what he signed up to do. He joined to fight the Taliban. His trust was violated by this president, who adds to that by cutting VA benefits in the next budget.

Congress was willing to remove Clinton over lying about sex in a situation where he was set up (Read Woodward's Shadow for information on how that happened), yet Bush has done far more harm to the nation's vitality, and Republicans say he should be left unscathed.

Hypocrisy must be one of those "values" they trumpet so eagerly in campaign years.

From the files labeled "truly bizarre"

Hat tip: Stephanie Miller

When you've thought you've seen it all, well, you haven't.

This morning, I heard that Dog Condoms, Inc. was recalling its product voluntarily due to unacceptable failure rates. Yes, that's right, dog condoms.

Besides the obvious question of who is buying these things, isn't there a mechanical issue in putting the thing on? The dog can't do it themselves, and whenever the dog is having intercourse, he sure isn't around his or her owner.

The weirdness of America knows no bounds.

Washington state and pharmacist rights

So, Washington state looks like it may be the next state to pass a "conscience clause" for pharmacists over the objections of Gov. Christine Gregoire. Lovely.

Since evangelical pharmacists want special rights, does that mean they'll step aside so homosexuals can have their "special rights?"

Oh, wait, I forgot. Only the far right gets special treatment. No other minority group is worthy in their eyes.

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